Installation system «Cross»


  • Attach bitumen feed to the side of the frame. Put a layer of adhesive on the bottom of the frame. The amount of solution must be sufficient that after stacking blocks cement layer thickness was about 1 cm
  • Install the plastic cross in the lower right corner of the frame. At a distance of the width of the second set glass block cross.
  • Firmly push the unit into the solution and make sure that it is firmly fixed to the cross.
  • Install another cross. Put on the side of the next glass block, facing the breast, the solution in an amount sufficient to fill the seam between the "bricks". Install the unit and fix it on the cross.
  • Put the bottom row, checking from time to time, with a plumb line. Put a layer of mortar on the upper bound of the first row of glass blocks. Set crosses. Put the second row of glass blocks. Trim knife bitumen tape flush with the second row of blocks.
  • Screw the mounting bracket, stainless steel anchor to the sides of the frame at both ends of the series. Vertical portion of the anchor close tape. The horizontal part of the anchor to lie on glass blocks, covering plastic cross. Apply a layer of cement on top, closing them area. Continue to lay the glass blocks.
  • Occasionally wipe the surface with a damp sponge glass blocks. If there is a protective coating of glass blocks, do not remove it until after work.
  • After completing each stage design styling leave for about one hour, in order allow the solution to dry, and then remove the exposed portions of the plastic crosses. After removal of crosses reseal joints with jointing blade. Make sure all joints are filled with mortar.
  • If the design of the glass blocks designed for shower room, remove the blade with the help jointing cement joints to a depth of 10 mm, and leave for a day to dry.
  • After 24 hours, fill the joints with sealant and apply a white or colored grout with a rubber or foam floats.
  • Fill the gaps between the edges of the masonry and frame silicone sealant. Clean and polish the wall with a soft cloth.


Installation process, you can clearly see in this video.