Installation system «QuickTech»



  • 1. Measure profiles.
  • 2. Cut size profiles. Glue the horizontal section to the floor and the vertical profile of the wall. Make sure that the angle between the wall and the floor is 90 °.
  • 3, 4. Use as many of glue as needed for each glass block. Glue the one of the short profiles to one side horizontal and long vertical profile and contour. Repeat the process once the first row is completed.
  • 5. Be the horizontal profile (long) between the rows of glass blocks. With a length of more than one meter is recommended to saw horizontal profile by sex and alternate of the profiles in each row.
  • 6. Repeat the process until you reach the desired height. Periodically check that the wall in a vertical position.
  • 7. At higher levels zastabiliziruyte the profiles with metal corners and wide with adhesive tape.
  • 8. Use metal corners to connect to the ceiling. Leveled using metallic brackets for alternative plastic profile with adhesive tape.
  • 9. Leave to dry for 24 hours before applying the solution.
  • 10. Seal the joints in contact with the walls, floor and ceiling.
  • 11, 12. After finishing joint grout or sealant is necessary to clean the surface of glass blocks. The structure achieves a maximum resistance in three weeks.

System ensures safety LGA proven stability and optimal properties installation only in combination with glass blocks SEVES (Vitrablock Czech Republic), QuickTech profiles and adhesives. It can be installed on the tile, plaster, wooden beams, concrete, stone or similar materials. Do not install on carpets, floating floors, on the walls with wallpaper or similar materials.