Installation system «Vetroclick»



  • Cut a cross in the "L"-shaped, depending on the glass block (Pegasus or Basic) use profiles to insert into the designated slot until until it has the correct angle. Select the desired point on the floor and the wall behind the holes on the following profile. Drill the holes. Place wedges and screw design to place created in advance for VetroCLICK. (photo 1)
  • Cut a cross in the "T"-shaped profile and connect. Continue to add profiles and crosses, marking by drilling and screwing up until you reach the desired width of the wall. (photo 2)
  • Once all horizontal profiles will be located, begin to insert vertical profiles by inserting them into the selected slot glass blocks (Pegasus or Basic). (photo 3)
  • Place the glass blocks between the vertical profiles up until the series does not end. (photo 4)   Insert the "T"-shaped cross in the main unit, leaning against the wall (from the side) to continue the installation (photo 5, 6 and 7).
  • Add more rows accessories VetroCLICK (photo 8 and 9) and the series of glass blocks (photo 10, 11, 12), until it has a whole wall.
  • Complete external seams with silicone sealant, decorative trowel. Sealant is necessary to clean the surface of glass blocks. The structure achieves a maximum resistance in three weeks.

Installation system VetroCLICK

This mounting system for creating walls of glass blocks easily, quickly and safely. VetroCLICK simplifies installation using multiple accessories: profile and cross.

IMPORTANT! Before you install: Mark with a pencil sizes of wall of glass blocks on the floor and the wall to make sure that these lines are square and aligned. If the wall is made of wood or other material profile, make sure the profile is securely fastened to the floor and wall.


1 Award-line profile for end glass block type Linear (butt) or Curved (corner)
3 slot for inserting glass blocks PEGASUS Q19 (Italy) 4 slot for inserting glass blocks PEGASUS R09
2 slot for inserting glass blocks BASIC 1919/8 (Czech Republic)
5 slot for inserting glass blocks BASIC 1909/8
6 Award-line profile for glass blocks BASIC 1909/8


  • Cut strips of the cross so as to obtain "L" - shaped (for starting angle) or "T"-shaped (for the first row of blocks) (A and photo cards. 1)
  • If done slab or parapet (or terminal blocks are used) Cut the profile in accordance with the marked line, which marks the end wall unit or a rectangular block (photo, paragraph 1).
  • In the case of an incorrect arrangement If a cross is placed correctly in the groove, connect, raising the bar of the cross (photo).

Video «Vetroclick»

Installation process, you can clearly see in this video.